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VCT Strip and Wax

Wax Removal : We understand the subtleties of wax removal on VCT vinyl flooring. Our expert specialists use cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly products to ensure complete cleaning without affecting the integrity of your flooring.

Cleaning Services That Are Tailored: Baar Floor Care is not a fan of one-size-fits-all solutions. We adjust our cleaning techniques to your vinyl flooring’ individual demands and features, offering specialized treatment that keeps their natural brilliance.

Innovative Technology: To stay ahead of the competition, we use cutting-edge technology for efficient and effective overspray cleanup. Our cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions are chosen for their ability to produce excellent results while being gentle on your flooring.

Competent and Accredited Technicians: Our staff consists of knowledgeable, experienced, and trained professionals that offer passion and experience to each job. Their expertise guarantees a thorough cleaning procedure that revitalizes your vinyl flooring.

Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction: If you are not totally happy with our services for any reason, we are dedicated to addressing your issues swiftly and efficiently.

Advantages Baar Floor Care Striping

 Enhanced Floor Longevity: Our methodical cleaning procedure helps your VCT vinyl flooring last longer by eliminating overspray and maintaining their visual appeal for many years to come.


Cleaner Floor: A clean floor adds to a healthier interior environment. By selecting Baar Floor Care, you are investing in a sanitary environment devoid of toxins, allergies, and undesirable overspray residues.

Time and money savings: Our effective cleaning techniques are designed to save you both time and money. We focus on-time service delivery without sacrificing quality.

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When looking for VCT Vinyl Floor Cleaning Overspray services in Dallas, choose Baar Floor Care and see the difference that knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and a client-centered philosophy can make

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